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ethmin | ethereum mining FAQ
Hey Miner! I hope you rested enough! Today we have a lot of mine work!
How to earn Ethereum with my miners?

It's very easy, when you purchase a miner from the store, this miner will give you 1 piece gem for 30 days. You can earn Ethereum to collect these gems and sell to system. Below the how much you can earn from per miners:

Coal Miner:
Monthly Price: 0.02500000 ETH
Daily Mining: 1 Piece Small Gem
Monthly Earning: 0.03 ETH

Bronze Miner:
Monthly Price: 0.05000000 ETH
Daily Mining: 1 Piece Golden Ring
Monthly Earning: 0.063 ETH

Silver Miner:
Monthly Price: 0.07500000 ETH
Daily Mining: 1 Piece Great Gem
Monthly Earning: 0.0975 ETH

Gold Miner:
Monthly Price: 0.10000000 ETH
Daily Mining: 1 Piece Treasure
Monthly Earning: 0.132 ETH

How much Ethereum can I earn with Jewelery Store?

Jewelery Store is the best option for wanting to invest in high amounts of ETH. Briefly summarizing the prices; In your Jewelery Store, you can buy up to 10 Jeweler. Each Jeweler works for 30 days and produce 1jewel per day. You need to collect these jewels everyday. Then you can sell these jewels to system and earn 0.10000000 ETH for each of them. To open Jewelery Store, you pay 2.40000000, with this payment you'll be permanent Jewelery Store (not need to pay again for Jewelery Store) owner and have 1 Jeweler for 30 days. After you open your jewelery store, you can buy up to 10 Jeweler. You pay 2.40000000 ETH for each of Jeweler. With this calculation, you pay 2.40000000 ETH for 1 Jeweler and after 30 days, you get 3 ETH. Also you can extend your Jewelers with a little discount, you can extend by pay 2.25000000 ETH before your Jeweler expired and get +30 work days for this Jeweler. And with this calculation, you pay 2.25000000 ETH for your Jeweler and earn 3 ETH, so your profit will be %33.

How much is the minimum cashout?

When your safe reach 0.02500000 Ethereum, you can cashout your earnings.

When I get my payment?

All payments are instant. When you cash out, you get your payment within a minute!

How much referral can I get?

You can get unlimited direct referrals.

What is the profit of my referrals?

You can get the commision from your referrals' mineral sales. Each membership gets different rated profit from the referrals, you can see these rates at "Vip Membership Buy" page. Standard members earn 0.00005000 ETH from their referrals' each kilogram sales, Bronz members earn 0.00007000 ETH, Silver members earn 0.00009000 ETH, Golden members earn 0.00012000 ETH. Also all memberships earn 0.00600000 ETH from their referrals' diamond sales. And all memberships earn 0.01000000 ETH from their referrals' jewel sales.

How much account can I create?

Each user can have only 1 account. Otherwise, accounts get permanently ban.

What is the ROI?

All memberships have a different ROI rates. For example you're a golden member, so your ROI is %400. This mean, if you deposit your account 1 Ethereum, you can cashout up to 4 Ethereum (%400 of your deposit). After you reach your ROI rate, you can deposit 1 ETH to your account and cashout +4 ETH again. You can see ROI rates for each membership type at "Vip Membership Buy" page.

What is the advanced payment system?

This system is using yesterday's deposits for pay to members today. I will explain it with an example; if yesterday Ethmin got 200 ETH deposits and today members can cashout 250 ETH, system rating this two value and paying all members %80 of their cashout request, and %20 of cashout request returning back to cashout balance to withdraw next pay period. In this way, system never hurt in this exceptional case and have a chance to pay our members 10s of years! All payments and deposits progressing instantly, so Ethmin can continue to pay our members even we (system owners, admins and moderators) die.

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